Terrific Creations

Ironing Board Covers

Our ironing board covers come in 4 sizes.  Table top, wall, standard and extra wide (quilters) They are all reversible and are adjustable with elastic  and a cord lock.  We use polyester batting and 100% cotton on both sides. They are machine washable.

Cost:  Table top $15.00

           Wall  $20.00

           Standard  $25.00

           Extra wide  $30.00

Grocery or Plastic Bag Holders

Our bag holders are 6.5" by 22" approx.  They have elastic top and bottom to allow easy access to placing the plastic bag in or our of your bag holder.  They can be made in any fabric you wish and are washable..

Cost:  $6.50 each

Eyeglass Cases

The eyeglass cases are made with 3 layers.  Muslim, artic cotton and novelty fabric to protect your value eyeglasses..

Cost:  $5.00 each

Tea Cosies

Two styles are available - one goes over the tea pot and the other holds the tea pot and closes with a bow.  Both styles are insulted and are available in two sizes. (large and small) 

Large - $19.95 each

Small - $17.95 each

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Bodums or French Press

Bodums or French Press's are constructed with 4 layers of fabric.  Muslin, insul-bright, artic cotton and novelty fabric to keep your coffee hot longer.

Three sizes are available.

3 cup - $6.50 each

8 cup - $8.50 each

12 cup - $10.00 each

Placemats and Napkins

Our placemats are all reversible and come in two styles - rectangle and  round table.

Then can be ordered with the same fabric on both sides or you can choose to have two different fabrics as demonstrated

with the owl placemats.  Artic cotton is used between the two layers of fabric.

1 - 3 placemats  $12.00 each

4 placemats   $39.95

6 placemats   $59.95

Hot Pads

Hot pads are 9 1/2" by 9 1/2".  Insult-bright and artic cotton are used to insulate.

Cost   $7.50 each

Hand Towels

We use good quality towels to make the hand towels.  Cotton tops are attached and secured by Velcro.

$7.95 each or 2 for $15.00

Potato Bags

Makes microwaved potatoes taste as if they came out of your regular oven.  Muslin, artic cotton and potato fabric are used in their construction.  Instructions attached.

Cost  $9.95 each

18 L. Water Bottle Covers

Cover your water bottle with one of our colorful covers made from 100% cotton fabrics.

Cost  $15.00 each

Clothes Pin Bag

Clothes pin bags are made with muslin and novelty fabrics including a hanger for easy hanging.

Cost $12.95 each.

Coffee Sleeves

Tired of always getting your fingers burnt by your coffee,  Our coffee sleeves insult your hand.  Made with muslin, artic cotton and novelty fabric, kept closed with Velcro.

Cost $4.50 each


Hot Water Bottles Covers

Tired of getting burned by your hot water bottle.  We have cosy fleece covers that solve that problem.  A zipper at the neck makes putting on  your cover a snap.

Cost  $12.00 each or $20.00 including a new hot water bottle.

Oven Mitts

Oven Mitts are insulated with artic cotton and insul-bright.  Tabs allow you to hang them anywhere.

Cost  $19.95 pair

Remote Control Caddy

Where is your remote? Now you will know because it is in your remote control caddy on the side of your chair or sofa.  Three pockets allow you to store more than just your remote.  Artic cotton, muslin and novelty fabric are used.

Sofa pins are included to attach the caddy to your chair or sofa.

Cost  $19.95 each

Kitchen Chair Cushions

Chair cushions can be made with or without a ruffle.  They ties to secure the cushion to the back of the chair.  Polyester batting  inside and can be made with extra stuffing if desired.

Cost  $30.00 cushion with ruffles

          $22.50 without ruffles


Our aprons come in two sizes, adult and child.  Both are bib aprons made of the finest quality of 100% cottons..

Child  $15.00 each

Adult  $19.95 each

Lid Knob Cosys

Do not get burned by the lid of your casserole again.

Lid knob cosies are made with novelty fabric, muslin, artic cotton and insult-bright and gathered by elastic.

Cost  $5.00 each

Pot Handle Covers

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Curling Iron or Hair Straightener Caddies

Put your hot curling iron in your caddie , the wires in the front pouch and you are ready to put it in your luggage for travelling.  No need to wait until your iron or straightener is cold.  Insulated with artic cotton and insul-bright.

Cost  $19.95 each

Kleenex Cases

Holds your packet of Kleenex.

$3.50 without a zipper

$5.00 with a zipper

Book Covers

Covers made to protect your paper back novels with a ribbon to help keep your place.

$6.50 each    

(special orders taken for different sizes of books)

Children's Fabric Books

Fabric books for children are completely washable with artic cotton inside.

$18.95 or $19.95 each


Our pillows come with or without the pillow inside.  They are closed at the back with Velcro.

With pillow  $24.95 each

Without the inside pillow $21.95 each

Pillow Cases

Our pillow cases fit a regular or queen size pillow.  King size pillow cases can be special ordered.

$18.95 per pillow case

Jewelry Caddies

Protect your jewelry while travelling.  Four zippered separate compartments.  Tied to keep closed

$19.95 each

Large Quilted Bag

Bag has three separate compartments with inside pockets.  Two pockets on the outside.  Main compartment closed by a zipper.  Inside and outside fabrics are different but compatible.

Up to you which fabric you choose.

Cost  $64.95 each

Cold Ties

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Seatbelt Protectors

Stop hurting your neck with your seat belt.  Our protectors are soft and closes by Velcro.

$6.95 each

Fleece Blankets

Panel fleece blankets are 48" by 60" and anti pill.

They are light but extremely warm.

Allover patterned fleece blankets are 60" by 60"

Cost $19.95 each

Baby Blanket

Our baby blankets are made from the finest fleece and edged by satin ribbon.

Many designs to choose from.  Washable. 48" by 48"

$24.95 each

Crib Quilt and Sheet Set

Quilt is filled by polyester batting and has a ruffle around the outside.

Sheet is fitted to a crib mattress and kept on with elastic.

Many designs to choose from.

Set is $89.95 each

Duvet Covers

By Special order only.

Queen size  $275.00 opening closes at the bottom with Velcro.

Shams  $45.00 pair   

Pillow cases  $37.50 pair

Casserole Carriers

Casserole carriers are made with fabric, artic cotton and insul-bright for insulation.  Wooden base and handles are removable for washing.

$39.95 each

Table Runners

Table runners are approx. 44' by 13 1/2"

Two layers of novelty fabric with artic cotton inside..

They can be ordered with two different fabrics to give two completely different looks on your table.


Cost  $39.95 each

Advent Calendar

Our advent calendars are quilted and come already to hang with wooden doweling and twine attached.

$39.95 each

Wheat Bags

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Adult Bibs

Our adult bibs are made of good quality terry towel and fastened at the neck with Velcro.

Cost  $12.95 each.

Buns Basket

Lies flat for storage then when tied.it become a special buns basket.  Washable

Cost  $16.95

Knitted Dish Cloths/Face Cloths

Our dish cloths are made from 100% cotton yarn.

They are 9" by 9 1/2".  We have both solid colors and variegated.

Cost  3 for $10.00     or    $4.00 each

Stethoscope Covers

Stethoscope covers are attached at the top with Velcro and elastic on the other.

Cost  $6.50 each

Kitchenaid Mixer Covers

Cover and protect your kitchenaid mixer with one of our covers.  Available in two sizes.  Made with muslin, artic cotton and novelty fabric  Quilted.

Cost  $30.00 each

Wine Bottle Covers

Make that bottle of wine into a lovely gift by using a wine bottle cover.

Cost  $7.50 each.

Pot Holders

Pot holders are 8" by 8".   Insult-bright and artic cotton are used to insulate.  Taps attached make it easy to hang.

Cost   $5.00 each

Microwave Mitts

Perfect for use with your microwave.

Insulated with artic cotton and insul-bright.

Cost  $7.50 pair

Special orders welcome.

You pick the fabric and we will make the product you wish.......